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Organizers are actively promoting the upcoming Jazz and Arts Festival, scheduled to be held in four months. Facilitators officially hosted an official media launch on January 17th, signaling the official start of preparations. The program follows a review of the 2023 edition, paving the way for this year’s event. Originating in 1992, the cultural extravaganza has had a significant impact on St. Lucia, with plans for continuous expansion to provide exceptional experiences for both artists and attendees. The recent launch marks the beginning of a series of promotional activities leading up to the festival.

Minister for Culture Dr. Ernest Hilaire highlighted the festival’s evolution into a symbol of artistic expression, community development, and economic opportunities over the past thirty years. Additionally, he invited participants to return to island’s shores for another year of excitement.
“Let this year’s festival be a testament to the spirit of our island. We look forward to welcoming [visitors] back with open arms and we are eager to create more memories together.” Hilaire said.

The opening night lineup for the Jazz and Arts Festival on April 30th includes Romain Virgo, Teejay, and Voice, accompanied by a stellar cast of St Lucian performers. The weeklong event will feature electrifying performances in the Arts and Culture segment, with a lineup of gospel musicians on May 8th and Caribbean vibes on May 10th. The ultimate celebration on May 12th at the main stage will showcase Carl Gustave, Augustin Jab Duplessis, Michelle Henderson, and Babyface, with Air Supply headlining the event.

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