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The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has rubbished the criticism hurled at them by the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) , concerning the 8 million dollars spent on the government to return Jazz to Saint Lucia. In a post on social media, the UWP suggested that this level of expenditure was unwarranted and that “people don’t eat jazz”.
In response to these claims, Communications Director for the SLP, Lisa Jawahir gave a strong rebuttal. The senator claimed that profits derived from the festival were realized by everyday citizens and therefore providing the means for them to put food on their tables. “If you take a look around and walk around Castries, or anywhere in Saint Lucia and ask the bus drivers, vendors or farmers, hairstylists, make-up artists and others, they will tell you if they don’t eat as a result of the return of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival” Jawahir said. “This weekend we have some big names on the Calendar and I’m excited to see artists like Buju and Sting. Mother’s Day is on Sunday and everybody wants to celebrate. We want our mothers to look well to show appreciation and so they’ll get their hair and makeup done and buy new clothes and shoes. So the retail sector in Saint Lucia is benefitting and the ordinary man, woman and child is eating as a return of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.”

Voice of Lisa Jawahir

The statement by Ms. Jawahir is in alignment with comments made earlier this week by Minister for Culture, Dr. Ernest Hilaire that Jazz 2023 will positively impact the common man.

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