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In a remarkable demonstration of speed and unwavering resolve, Julien Alfred, the talented sprinter from Saint Lucia, has progressed to the semi-finals of the highly anticipated 200-meter race at the World Championships. Set to be hosted today, the athlete is fully expected to make it to this year’s final.
Alfred’s impressive performance at games this far has captured the attention of her home nation and the global track and field community. Having already established herself as one of Saint Lucia’s brightest sporting talents, the Ciceron native delivered a flawless showing in the preliminary round. With an impressive time of 22.31 seconds, she effortlessly secured her spot among the top-tier athletes competing for the coveted title. Alfred’s confident performance also signifies her ability to overcome the hesitance she experienced during the 100m event, where she received a cautionary notice during the semi-final round due to a false start.

As the focus shifts to the 200-meter race, it’s interesting to note that Alfred has achieved comparatively better times and a higher ranking in an event she openly admits to not favoring. Speaking on this fact, local sports commentator, Terry Finisterre believes that the sprinter will do well despite her dislike for the event.

“Sometimes you don’t like somebody or something, but it likes you.” Finisterre said. “I think in Julien Alfred’s case that is certainly the 200 (meters). She’s demonstrated, with her performances in the 4×4 for Texas, with her performances in the 200 throughout the year, that she is an elite all-time 200 meter runner…so she actually probably has a better chance, just based on performance going into 200 semi finals on Thursday afternoon and finals on Friday”.
St. Lucians can tune in to watch Alfred run in the semis at 1:45 PM local time. 

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