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The residents of the St. Lucy’s Home will be situated in a cleaner environment due to the selfless work of a local non-profit. The Advocates Linking Resilience Movement also known as ALRM, paid a visit to the shelter to engage in a cleanup campaign last week as part of National Caring Month activities. This organization was established to cater to the needs of parents of children with special needs and serves as agency for this cause.
According to President for ALRM, Rodney Maxius, the group embarked on the clean-up initiative, due to the fact that the St. Lucy’s Home had been crying out for assistance for some time now. He went on to add that while the activity was done as part of Caring Day observance, people should be open to engaging in undertaking such as these regardless of the season.
“Caring is a human activity and a human condition that wants us to see each other excel” he said. “By us doing a small gesture for somebody else, means that in return, when we find ourselves in situations where we need that support, it will be lent to us”
The organization wishes to thank the Ministry of Equity, for the implementation of the National Month of Caring and encourages citizens around the island, to play their part in helping the less fortunate.

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