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The upcoming Caribbean Premiere League will introduce new measures to encourage faster over rates. This is in an effort to tackle time-wasting concerns. An important addition is the implementation of a Red Card for slow over rates, which will be given if the fielding team lags behind schedule by the final over’s commencement. This penalty involves the removal of a fielder and a requirement for six fielders within the 30-yard circle. Furthermore, the 18th and 19th overs will incur fielding restrictions. Batting teams indulging in time-wasting will face a 5-run deduction.

CPL CEO Pete Russell stated that this move aims to address late-night game durations, responding to feedback from concerned parents.

“We get complaints from parents of kids that say your game is going on too late.” he said. ” We want to keep it to the time that’s been allocated,”

It is yet to be seen what the true impact of this shift will be on the tournament this year.

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