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Annoyed customers in Cedars, Castries are reporting that several complaints of a fault in the area have resulted in a non response from the Water and Sewerage Company Inc. WASCO). The consumers disclose that upon discovering the broken pipe last week numerous calls were made to the company by multiple residents in the neighbourhood. However, their calls have fallen on deaf ears and the damage to the infrastructure continues to get worse.
The situation has affected multiple households in close proximity to the damaged pipe and water logging in the pathway around the infrastructure. The house of one resident was partially flooded due to the deluge and high water pressure from the pipe. Despite offering his services to the water company free of charge to effect the repairs, the company has turned down the offer promising to address the situation. However, it has been ten days since and the matter remains unresolved.

“I called them about May 8th. They called me back on May 11th to say it was repaired and they were calling to confirm that the works were done; nothing was done” the resident said. “When I called at first, I asked if I could do the repair, which was minor and just before my meter. They said no, only WASCO personnel are allowed to handle the line before the meter.”
The situation is reminiscent of a similar issue in Careille where a damaged line remained unrepaired for days despite numerous calls to the company. It was only after the company was faced with media threats about the situation that the fault was repaired.

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