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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – On Wednesday, 17 May 2023, the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC® launched an investigation following concerns that the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC®) Mathematics
Paper 02 was leaked, prior to the administration of the examination on that day. CXC® has been in constant contact with regional Ministries of Education since this information came to light.
CXC® has now concluded its investigation. The security measures which CXC® has put in place have led us to identify the country as Jamaica and the examination Centre where the leak originated. In discussion with the Ministry of Education and Youth, the matter will be dealt with following CXC’s security protocols.
CXC® and regional Ministries of Education recognize that candidates have spent months preparing for their
Mathematics Paper 02 examinations and the news of the security breach (leak) of the examination has caused much anxiety and concern. As a result of the breach and the compromise of the examination, as well as consideration for the mental health and well-being of our candidates, timely release of results, and matriculation requirements,
CXC® has determined that for this examination the modified approach will be used to award fair and valid grades.
The modified approach entails assessment of:
i.e. the School Based Assessment or Paper 032 (Alternative to SBA) for private candidates; and ii. Paper 01
This decision was communicated to the regional Ministries of Education in our meeting this morning.
CXC® would like to reassure candidates that the security of the regional examinations is paramount, and their best interests continue to be at the centre of the organization’s decisions and processes. CXC® will continue to provide updates as and when necessary, and would advise stakeholders to monitor CXC’s official communication channels for information.

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