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The recent hiring of Saint Lucian, Daren Sammy as Head Coach of the West Indies Men’s Cricket Team, has drawn questions from former captain Ramnaresh Sarwan. Sarwan, who led the Windies in 2007, queried whether the appointment reflected careful consideration by Cricket West Indies or was as a result of favouritism.

In a post on his social media account, the former Guyanese Cricketer called for the criteria surrounding the hiring to be made available to the public.
“Twenty-two persons were interviewed for the white ball coaching position. However, two were shortlisted. The big question is why were the other twenty persons/coaches not made known to CWI directors, and also, why is this a big secret and being kept away from the cricketing public? In the interest of transparency, those names should have been made available, at least to directors of CWI,” Sarwan wrote.

These claims largely stem from the fact that Sammy does not hold a Level Three (III) Coaching certificate, like some of the names he beat out for the job. In spite of his limited credentials, the 39-year-old, does have coaching experience with the likes of Peshawar Zalmi in the PSL and the St. Lucia Kings in the CPL.
One of the applicants Sammy overcame for the position was West Indies cricketing legend, Shivernerine Chanderpaul. Sarwan further questioned how Sammy was able to surpass Chanderpaul, who he deemed better qualified for the position.

“The two coaches shortlisted by the President (headed) committee were Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Daren Sammy. Chanderpaul is fully qualified with a level III certificate and Sammy has almost zero coaching qualifications. Shockingly, Daren Sammy confirmed as coach. How is this possible? The President has a professional and moral obligation to the Caribbean people and, without delay, make public the criteria/method used for the selection of the coach,” Sarwan said.

Sammy will hope to silence these criticisms by leading his troops through World Cup Qualifications later this month.

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