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On Thursday May 25th, the Foundation for Improvement of Rastafari Elders joined other Pan-African organizations worldwide in the celebration of African Liberation Day. This observance recognizes the annual commemoration of the Organization of African Unity in 1963. Pro-African groups use the opportunity to educate others on the struggles of African descendants worldwide. For the Foundation for Improvement of Rastafari Elders, the day of festivities involved a lecture, hosted by organization chairman Henry Pierre. The Foundation is newly established and seeks to cater to needs of elder Rastafarians on island, helping them survive during these challenging economic times.
According to Pierre, the lecture session was fruitful one, filled with solid engagement from the members in attendance.
“On this day, we have met here to recognize the struggle of African Liberation. We are looking at our ancestors and even the work we have to carry on now.” Pierre said. “We spoke at length on the struggle of African colonization, which brought about the need for African liberation. We spoke about the about the periods where the entire continent was under European domination and we spoke also of the progression towards continental decolonization and emancipation” he added.
Discussions were further extended into the work of the foundation. The NGO hopes to ensure the well-being of its members through various ventures, inclusive of farming. It is hope of the organization’s leader that they will be able to attain the technical assistance necessary from the state to accomplish their goals.

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