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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has added his voice to the growing concerns regarding the operational capabilities of the Water and Sewage Company, WASCO. Over the years, WASCO has faced significant infrastructural challenges that have hampered the company’s ability to effectively serve citizens, resulting in an unreliable water supply. During the latest pre-cabinet press briefing, Prime Minister Pierre unveiled plans to support the organization in addressing these issues.

While he was adamant that these issues did not begin during his tenure as the country’s leader, Mr. Pierre underscored the need for amendments to be made to the main water network.
“These pipes are old. They didn’t get old on July 21st, 2021” he said. “The investment in water has to be substantial” he said.
In the interim, the Prime Minister noted that the government is focused on collaborating with WASCO to make incremental amendments to the current infrastructure simultaneously with roadworks.

“In the mean time, what we are trying to do, we are trying when new construction is taking place if they can divert the pipes right away” he said.

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