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Several foreign nationals were stranded at the George Charles Airport on Wednesday following the Carnival festivities. According to the international visitors, no accommodations were made for them by the airline and as a result they were forced to overnight at the airport. The grounding was as a result of industrial action taken by pilots attached to Air Antilles who have refused to fly out until their demands are met.

While local authorities are touting the success of the carnival event which saw record arrivals, the situation has undoubtedly marred the experience for the foreigners who are now facing difficulty in getting home.

One woman in particular, noted that the airline did not offer to help out with lodging, forcing her to cover the cost of last minute accommodations.
“ Just to be on an island, where I am here for carnival time and I’m paying out of my pocket, when you guys can do a cancellation is unacceptable” she said.
At the filing of this report, there is little certainty as to what recourse the travelers have.

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