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Honorable Joachim Henry, Minister for Equity, has addressed allegations suggesting that the COVID-19 Income Support Program of the government is cultivating a dependency culture among Saint Lucians. Initiated last year, this initiative intends to provide assistance to members for the vulnerable population, who have been adversely affected by the pandemic.
In a strong response to claims that the ISP was fostering “neediness syndrome” the Minister stressed that the vulnerable population of consists of some of the most industrious people. Consequently, he argues that they merit any extra assistance the state can offer.
“It is sad that people see, the work of this government by helping vulnerable populations in way the people say it’s going to create a dependency syndrome” he said. “No other group of people works as hard to care for the family than the population who applied for income support. Look at the amount of coolers by the roadside, go by Assou Square, even on Christmas Day the vendors are trying to earn a living. These people deserve the support” he added.
The Minister asserts that providing support to citizens is an admirable aspect of effective governance.
“They are not the ones who receive concessions that other large businesses receive” he noted. “When the government provides support in times of crisis, in times of difficulty to our vulnerable population, it is what a good government must do,”
Despite his attempts to debunk the dependency theory, suspicions surrounding the merit of the Income Support Program continue to persist.

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