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Over the past few years, artificial intelligence has transformed the way people think about productivity.  The global business landscape has begun looking for ways to utilize this technology to increase the efficiency of commerce related activities. In St. Lucia, this phenomenon is being looked at by both public and private sector agents as a way to accelerate the nation’s growth.

With the advancement of the corporate sector in mind, J.E.Bergasse & Company Ltd, hosted a digital transformation conference at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian on May 18. The company, who has been a long-standing partner with paper giant Xerox®, invited business executives from all over the island to gain insights and explore the latest trends in process automation, digitalization, and innovation.

Held under theme Innovating for the Future, the conference sought to discover how technologies like AI can inform decision making. According to Ron Jean Charles, Pre-Sales Analyst, at J.E Bergasse, the company saw it fit to host this event to raise awareness on ways to make work easier and lessen need for manual labour and unnecessary use of paper.

“Traditionally we are a paper company so it might seem a bit counterintuitive” Jn Charles said. “but we recognize that not only is global warming and environmental consciousness a thing we need to embrace, being from the Caribbean, but we also need to ensure that we bring our region and our country into the modern world as far as the ability to work and compete with organizations anywhere on the planet” he added. 

In clip: Ron Jn Charles -Pre-Sales Analyst, at J.E Bergasse

The event, which featured participants from across industries, was seen by organizers as a positive step into the future.

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