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The recent announcement of plans to remove value added tax on items for a two year period, have drawn high praise from Senator Lisa Jawahir. The legislator noted that this latest policy shift provides less fortunate members of society with an opportunity to improve their lives in ways they would have otherwise struggled to in the past.
Jawahir believes that the removal of the taxes on building materials couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time as island is in the midst of the hurricane season. With some citizens possibly needing to reinforce their homes, the lawmaker believes they can now do so without breaking the bank.
“I did see a post on Facebook, where somebody said that they had gone to a building center, they noticed that prices were already reduced, but with the removal of VAT for two years, you can only imagine how much lower the prices for these items will be” he added.
Jawahir was particularly fond of the fact the move included exemptions on female sanitary products, inclusive of pads and tampons. During her stint as an Opposition senator, Jawahir had rallied to end what she dubbed “period poverty” amongst women and girls who were unable to afford the necessary feminine hygiene products. She believes that with the amendments, St. Lucian women will be able to stay hygienic without breaking the bank.
“The young ladies who would normally need to use tissue paper or even cloth to go to school…they can now perhaps afford sanitary napkins” she said.

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