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The family of Eric Samuel is involved in battle with local law enforcement officials to get him specialized medical care for his injuries sustained during a police involved shooting. Samuel was shot by marine police who intercepted a vessel which he was aboard in Dennery on Sunday May 21. During the incident Eric Samuel sustained injuries to the head and neck
According to his brother, Ivan Samuel, the bullet is still lodged in a disc in his brother’s neck and despite the family’s pleas for him to access the appropriate treatment, their requests have been denied. Ivan claimed that the rationale behind police not permitting his brother to get medical attention was that their concern is putting him behind bars and letting the doctors at the Bordelis Correctional Facility deal with him. Eric Samuel’s family does not want him in the care of the prison doctors as they claim that the only place his injuries can be properly cared for is overseas.

“He has the bullet of an assault rifle inside of him right now” the victim’s brother claims. “He has to be sitting down inside of Bordelis with that and a fractured bone” he added.
The Vieux Fort resident was denied bail on Thursday May 25th and is remanded to the Bordelais Correctional Facility.

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