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Human Rights Advocate and Attorney at Law, Mary Francis has lent her voice to cries for an independent probe into sexual harassment allegations leveled against the heirachy of the Royal St Lucia Police Force. Francis, who has long been a proponent of independent investigations into police matters, has sided with PWA President Cameron Laure’s appeal for the situation to be dealt with by an alternative party. According to the advocate, the allegations call for “some form of investigation” into the workplace conduct and culture at the RSLPF. She added that the situation cast a shadow over the work of the law enforcement officers.“I think it’s actually a serious indictment on the police force in terms of members of the police force themselves, where supposed to protect the public and they themselves are not protected and cannot get justice within an organization where they work” she said. Francis believes that a clear anti-sexual harassment policy needs to be established within the organization to make potential perpetrators aware of the ramifications of their misbehavior.

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