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Veteran journalist and producer of Untold Stories, Dale Elliot, has given his version of the events surrounding his arrest on Thursday July 20th. According to statement released by Elliot, he was taken into police custody for “stalking” Richard Frederick and was detained for a period of twenty-four (24) hours. The documentarian also added that there were no official charges made at the time of his release that he believes that the arrest was “unlawful”.
“Naturally, my attorney questioned the basis for my arrest and continued detention as I am not a danger to the public nor a flight risk” Elliot said. “I was released from police custody without being charged for any offense” he added.
The incident has raised questions amongst observers, as to whether or not members of the press are free to express their opinions and lead public debates. Elliot believes, that his soon to be released documentary on the contents of the CARICOM IMPACS report has made some political powerhouses anxious and may be related to his detainment.
“No doubt, the soon-to-be released Untold Stories documentary, which delivers, verbatim the exact contents of the CARICOM IMPACS report, has unnerved some local politicians or be it a local politician” Elliot noted. “Rest assured, they may concoct whatever charges they desire, this documentary will be released in the public interest”.
There has been no official word from law enforcement on the matter as of the filing of this report.

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