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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has expressed little interest in the actions taken by Leader of the Opposition, Allen Chastenet upon his return to Parliament. Chastenet led, what he referred to as a “March for Democracy”, on Tuesday as he made his way back to the House for the first time, since the speaker of the house gave an undertaking to the courts to reinstate Chastanet to the house.
According to Pierre, the Office of the Prime Minister requires that he focuses on greater issues affecting the nation rather than worry about a qualm involving Chastenet.
“What’s happening there is the Opposition seeking relevance” the PM stated “They’ve been rejected by the people of St. Lucia. They can’t accept it. I have a country to run, I’m going to run it” he added.
Pierre went on to state that he is not worried about the “noise” peddled by Chastanet and is rather focused on the development of the youth of the country.

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