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The Women’s Arm of the United Worker’s Party has sounded the alarm on suggestions of alleged sexual harassment in the Royal St. Lucia Police Force. This comes in light of multiple accusations of misconduct levelled at a top-ranking police official over the past few weeks.

This is not the first time that the subject has been broached. Upon making history following her appointment as the first female police commissioner to head the RSLPF, Crusita Descartes Pelius was confronted with questions about the allegations from the press during her first official news conference with the local press corp. At the time, she expressed her commitment to looking into the matter, but not much else was reported about the outcome of her probe into the claim during her tenure.

Fresh calls to investigate the matter were raised by the police Welfare Association and since then, the allegations have raised questions amongst observers about the work-culture and conduct of officers at the RSLPF.

Opposition Senator Phera Polius has expressed her disgust over the handling of the sexual harassment claims. She noted that all women who have faced unwanted physical advances feel the pain and embarrassment involved in sexual harassment. Further, she called on Prime Minister, Philip J Pierre in particular, to take action in the matter. The senator lamented the PM’s seemingly dismissive approach to the situation and called for the suspension of the accused until an investigation is completed.

“The time has come for [the Prime Minister] to relieve the Acting Commissioner of Police his duties and to allow for an impartial and transparent investigation into these allegations.” Polius said. “We beg of you, not to compromise the rights of our women” she added.
As of today, July 6th, 2023, no official word has come from the hierarchy of the force on how it intend to address this worrying issue.

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