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A troubling trend has emerged in the local agricultural industry. To combat instances of praedial larceny, certain farmers have adopted unconventional measures, such as embedding spikes in their crops. This illegal practice presents a grave danger to unsuspecting consumers, prompting significant concern. In response, Agriculture Minister Alfred Prospere acknowledged being apprised of the trend and acknowledged the challenges farmers confront in addressing theft.
“I have heard of it, but I have not seen it anywhere. And if it is something that’s happening, it is very unfortunate for us,” Prospere said. “Sometimes we don’t understand the pressures that our farmers go through when they invest their time and money into production …and when they are ready to harvest somebody else would have collected it.”
The Minister urged farmers to discontinue this practice, emphasizing that such behaviors should never be endorsed.
“This is something that should never happen…and this is something that we will never encourage as a ministry.”
Minister Prospere urges public assistance to address praedial larceny. Insufficient staff in the Agriculture Ministry’s Larceny Unit poses a challenge. He suggests involving community farming groups for farmer protection.

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