In response to the recent incidents of crime, the Northern Division performed a number of joint operations within its policing districts. These operations comprised personnel from the stations, units and departments within the Division. The operations took the form of traffic checks, execution of warrants, and targeted mobile patrols in known crime areas.

Police personnel focused on compliance with Saint Lucia’s traffic, narcotics, firearms, and the general criminal laws. During these engagements, several suspects of reported crimes were apprehended and a large quantity of cannabis was seized in Dennery.  An illegally obtained 9mm pistol and 7 rounds of ammunition was also subsequently seized in the Dennery Valley area.

Police personnel within the Northern Division also participated in a several targeted operations to reduce incidents of murder. Two suspects were detained and cautioned against carrying out their evil plans.

I would like to thank all police personnel for your diligent efforts to control our crime situation. I encourage you to do more to make our communities safer.

I also warn all criminally-minded individuals to refrain from criminal activity and deviant behavior.   

Finally, I wish to encourage citizens to share information with us confidentially, via our 555 Crime Hotline or through other trusted means available to you.

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