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Saint Lucian beekeepers will soon be able to sell locally produced honey on international market following the final round of consultations under the Bee City Cluster Project. The initiative, which was implemented by Export St. Lucia in 2019, was designed to improve the production of local honey with the intention of taping into external markets. Organizers hope that program will breathe new life into the local agriculture sector.

A knowledge exchange session between stakeholders was the final necessary component of the project. The objectives of this session were to assess the beehives and provide practical and theoretical training to the Ministry of Agriculture’s Apiculture extension officers.

“The mandate of Export Saint Lucia is to increase exports, in some cases by creating the environment which will lead towards that goal. While we are aware of the high quality and high value of our honey, at this juncture we are not producing enough to meet local and international demand. To do this and eventually service the export markets, we must increase, even double, production. This is why the knowledge exchange component of the project is critical. We also wanted to ensure that the extension officers were equipped to advise the beekeepers and keep the momentum of the consultancy towards our final goal”, shared Sunita Daniel, Chief Executive Officer of Export Saint Lucia.

With the work started by the Bee City Cluster Project, stakeholders are hoping to ensure the prospects and anticipated successes of the industry are sustained.

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