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“In consideration of public safety and aviation regulations, we hereby inform all drone operators and pilots (Saint Lucians and visitors) that the flying of drones is strictly prohibited within the vicinity of George F.L. Charles Airport during the St. Lucia Carnival period.

The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA), in collaboration with the Department of Civil Aviation and local law enforcement, has established this restriction to ensure the safe operations of aircraft and to avoid potential hazards posed by unauthorized drone flights.

Please note the following important guidelines:

1. No Drone Operations: Drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS), and remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) are prohibited from flying within a radius of 5 kilometres (approximately 3 miles) from the George F.L. Charles Airport during the St. Lucia Carnival festivities.

2. Restricted Dates: This restriction will remain in effect during the entire duration of the St. Lucia Carnival, today July 18, 2023.

3. Penalties: Violation of this restriction may lead to legal consequences and may be subject to fines and confiscation of the unauthorized drone.

The safety of the public, aircraft, and airport operations is of utmost importance to us. We kindly request your cooperation during the St. Lucia Carnival.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a secure and enjoyable celebration of the Saint Lucia Carnival.”

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