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Caribbean Premiere League action is set to officially return to St. Lucia on Wednesday, August 16. With the tournament opener and five other matches scheduled at Daren Sammy Cricket Stadium, local fans will get an early glimpse of the season’s excitement. St. Lucia Kings’ supporters will hope that the team, under the leadership of captain Faf Duplessis, will finally win the coveted trophy.
This season, the St. Lucian franchise has assembled a competitive mix of experienced players and young talent. At a pre-tournament press conference on August 15th, Head Coach Daren Sammy, expressed confidence in the winning mentality of this year’s Kings lineup. He noted that the team has shown improvement since Indian owners took over in 2021.
“In my last year of CPL, when the Kings took over, I specifically asked for some things” Sammy said. “Since then, the Kings have two finals and a playoff. That shows the stuff we corrected at the top, filters down to the players.” he added.

Sammy went on to note that the tournament provides the opportunity for young talent, to rub shoulders with some veteran players in the game. He believes that CPL can be a springboard for talent to take their games to the next level.
“Some of our players, for instance young Kimani Melius, gets the experience of [Faf Duplessis] in the dressing room for a period of six weeks weeks. That to me is, [a] priceless moment, which sometimes even coaches can’t even provide” the coach noted.
The public is invited to come out in large numbers, as the team strives to deliver the title to St. Lucia this year.

Pictured: Coach Daren Sammy and Captain Faf Duplessis with the CPL trophy

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