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The Carnival Band Tribe of Twel reigned victorious in this year’s Parade of the Bands. With its portrayal of “For God So Loved the World”, the band captured the hearts of judges and casual observers alike during the course of the two-day event. The group also claimed “Mass on the Move” and “Best Designed Band” honors, with reveler Jordan Augier from the band also claiming the title of Individual of the Year.
The full list of results is as follows:

Parade Band of the Year
1st – Tribe of Twel – For God So Loved The World
2nd – Just 4 Fun – Anba Go
3rd -Xuvo Carnival – Palm Sunday Redemption
4th – Fuzion Mas – Papa Djab Seducing the Nation

Best Portrayal of Theme
1st – Tribe of Twel – For God So Loved the World
2nd – Xuvo – Into The Beyond
3rd – Just 4 Fun – Down The Rabbit Hole
4th -Fuzion Mas – Fuzion FM

Individual of the Year
1st – Jordan Augier – Tribe of Twel
2nd – Kim Desir – Tribe of Twel
3rd – Sharon Tanner – Tribe of Twel
4th – Craig Hyacinth – Tribe of Twel

Ole Mas
1st – Julian Calderon
2nd – Cuthbert Modeste
3rd – Robert Calderon
4th – Carlton Ishmael

J’ouvert Band of the Year
1st – Back in Time
2nd – Jouvert Jammers
3rd – Mudsters
4th- Come to Me Tyre Shop

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