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The Upton Girls’ Garden Centre, a leading institution in empowering and supporting young females experiencing challenges, announces the opening of applications to its Development Center for the academic year 2023/24.

With a keen focus on nurturing and guiding young females facing challenges in various aspects of their lives, the Center offers two distinct programs, that of Academic Improvement, and Interpersonal Development. The first program is a 6-month intervention, and targets females between the ages of 12 – 15yrs, who may have encountered difficulties in behavioral, academic, and interpersonal areas within  the home and school environments. Designed with a personalized and therapeutic approach, this Program provides a safe and nurturing environment for participants to address their challenges, develop critical life skills, and build self-confidence. The second Program is an extensive 2-year course tailored for females aged 15-18yrs who struggle within the mainstream school environment, leading to potential dropout risks.

Recognizing the increasing levels of indiscipline impacting the nation’s youth, Director of the Centre,Olympia Piper Cools-Vitalis, stresses the importance of these specialized programs, and their relevance now more than ever.

Upton Gardens Girls Centre is a day Rehabilitation Center with a primary mandate to offer behavioral modification interventions to adolescent females facing challenges. The Center prioritizes a psychological and therapeutically-based program that empowers young girls to take ownership of their lives and become agents of change for their lives. Through various psychological services, such as counseling services, parenting training, self-esteem development, interpersonal skills development to name a few, the Center aims to foster emotional resilience and social competence, supporting the girls’ long-term growth and success”.

The Upton Gardens Girls Center recognizes the vital role of emotional and social support in the development of young individuals; and as such, the programs encompass parenting training, individual and family counseling, aftercare support, and follow-up services to ensure long-term success and stability for participants.

The application process for these transformative Programs is now open for the new academic year September 2023 to July, 2024.  Interested candidates and their guardians are encouraged to apply early to allow for effective internal processing time.

For more information on Upton Garden Girls’ Centre’s application process, please visit [email protected] or call 452-5094 or 285-6841.


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