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The Youth Economy Agency (YEA) plans to conduct a six-month mentorship program to support one hundred (100) Saint Lucian entrepreneurs between fifteen (15) and thirty-five (35) years old. The initiative, which will commence on June 1, will feature twenty (20) mentors with expertise in their particular fields. The idea is to expose participants to best business practices, through the knowledge passed on by successful professionals.
According to the YEA, mentees will gain experience and perspective based on real-life circumstances and practice, whilst developing meaningful professional relationships. The organization also stressed that this initiative will provide benefits to mentors involved in the program.
Throughout the course of the project. counselors are set to make a meaningful contribution to the professional development of young entrepreneurs. The mentors will also assist in the building of successful careers and businesses.
In order to be considered for the program, entrepreneurs must:

• be a client of the Youth Economy Agency
• be a start-up or existing business in the MSME sector
• complete the application form

Eligibility for mentors includes the following:

• being a practicing expert in their field for at least fifteen (15) years
• being willing to commit to the Mentorship Program for six (6) months
• completing the application form

The YEA wishes to invite all interested parties to sign up as soon as possible.

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