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The talent of young Saint Lucian artistes was on full display at the inaugural Junior Jazz and Arts Festival. Organized by the Castries City Council, Ministry of Youth Development & Sports and Dove Productions, the event sought to provide a platform for youth to showcase their abilities on a grand stage.
Hosted under the theme “Opportunity for Continuity”, the activity was held over a two day period and featured a diverse cast of creatives. Students from various schools graced Serenity Park on May 12th and 13th, while bearing witness to the performance of their peers.

Director of Youth Development in the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, Rohan Lubon, expressed ecstasy over the efforts mustered by organizers to put the event together. Mr. Lubon also highlighted the fact that show gave international reach to performers. “ I am very elated that the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports can partner with Castries City Council and also Dove Productions to put on this wonderful activity” Lubon said. “This will be showcased in a number of countries. It will be aired in a number of countries around the world”. According to the director, this is just the tip of the iceberg where youth development on island is concerned.

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